Online Video Marketing For Your Business

able to express your brand and business in a way that connects to your
customers is key to being successful in online video marketing.

Over 45% of internet users view a video online every month and 100
million internet users watch online video every day. With these numbers,
adding online video to your marketing is something you should really
consider. Video online is a powerful tool and can help you
connect, promote your company and build your brand.

These videos can range from introductions and testimonials, to
promotions and commercials that can be shared online. We love to use
video here at Half a Bubble Out, and we provide cutting edge technology
with creative script writing and production.

The types of videos we can create include:

  • Introduction videos – these work well if you are a
    doctor or CEO introducing your business. This type of video can give a
    picture of who you are, and allow your audience to connect more
  • Testimonials – we have created testimonial videos
    for several of our clients here at Half a Bubble Out, and they are a
    great way to share the success of your business or organization.
  • Promotions – maybe you are promoting a product or a
    new sale, and you want something to share with your audience. We can
    put basically anything into a promotional video.
  • Commercials – we also have created tv commercials
    for many clients and have the facilities and expertise, but commercials
    don’t have to be big “made for tv” productions. Today you can put a
    commercial up on Youtube and share it with your audiences however you
    like, or even place them on your site!

View some of our Video Examples.

These are just a few ways that we use online video to enhance our clients’ brand here at Half a Bubble Out.

We would love to help you if you are considering online video as part of your marketing strategy. Contact us today!