Flourish Digital Marketing Services Fact File

Flourish Digital Marketing is a leading digital marketing agency that focuses on growing your business successfully with online marketing services.

Digital marketing services Experience


  • Highly talented team of web design & development, seo (search engine optimization), social media marketing, Facebook marketing, email marketing, google ad word, YouTube marketing and many more services.
  • Vast experience with international offshore projects (95% of our clients are overseas).    

Flourish Digital Marketing Company Flexibility and Scalability

  • With our client-centric business model, we serve our clients in their preferred business operation hours – ‘round-the-clock business enabling services’.
  • Our geographical location enables 24×7 service offering and reduction in turn-around time due to time zone differences.
  • We have a diversified talent pool and local availability of skilled experts to provide quick scalability.


This model best suits when requirements, specifications and schedules are clearly defined before the start of the project development process. We guarantee that the end product will be delivered on time, within budget as defined in the agreement.


The client will be charged based on the number of hours worked by each resource. This model best suits when the resources and time can’t be estimated upfront as the project’s scope and requirements will be

constantly evolving.


In this model, we provide our clients with a dedicated team that takes care in every aspect of your project.The resources are chosen based on the client’s requirements and the needed skill sets.This model is much helpful as it offers close coordination

Business Model

Well-defined and flexible, our Business Model is a result of our deep industry intelligence and vast experience. Adhering to industry standards, our business model facilitates enterprises to get the best-of-breed solutions at affordable prices and top-notch quality.

Offer clients two types of Business Models – Project Based Model and Dedicated Team Model.

Project Based Model

Project Based Pricing Model or Fixed Value Model:

Under this model, we will give you a fixed price quote for your project after analyzing the detailed project specifications provided by you. Prior to the commencement of the project both requirements and the quote will be frozen. Any revisions to the original specification will incur additional cost at the rate of agreed hourly cost prior to the commencement of the project. This model is helpful when you have well defined project specifications that are not likely to change during the course of the development of the project. Here we employ milestone based payment schedule that would require an initial payment that varies from 30% to 50% of the total cost of the project depending on the value of the project.

Our 6-D Process

Flourish digital marketing services near me
Flourish digital marketing services near me

Why Choose Us?

Client support teams use English on phone/email/chat 24 x 7 for client interaction and project status updates.

  • With our client-centric business model, we serve our clients in their preferred business operation hours – ‘round-the-clock business enabling services.

At Dot Com Infoway, the emphasis is to deliver quality products on-time and within budgets and we achieve this through superlative Project Management.

  • New Product Development
  • Prototype to Final Product Development
  • Development of New Product Versions
  • Product Re-engineering
  • Product Maintenance
  • Product Testing
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